Recently, I have got back into the joys of mixed media. I absolutely love making something out of nothing – art is a great way to express yourself, but as much as I love using paint, there is something very different and incredibly satisfying about using something that was never intended to be made into art. My new love is books. As my other blog posts suggest, I am an avid reader and writer, and I love the idea of an old book. Crisp books are fantastic, but when it comes to the experience, old books win for me hands down. I discovered a lovely vintage dictionary at a car boot at the weekend, and decided to make some fun jigsaw diecuts out of it, which I thought would be just fantastic for scrapbooking.

Vintage 1958 Jigsaw Diecuts –

You can find these at my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/129528131/jigsaw-vintage-1958-dictionary-die-cuts?

I’m working hard to get some art back into my life – with trying so hard to break into writing I seem to have forgotten a bit that my very close second love is art, and I just love to create something of my own. In fact, I love the idea that I could create something some one else could make something with, so craft supplies is a lovely idea for me.

Keep your eyes peeled on my etsy page for more items – I think I’ll be customising some more Moleskines soon, because I absolutely love stationery!


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