Slap bang in the middle of exam season, I think some people wonder why I have time for anything else other than revision, let alone writing. But to use an analogy I have used before, writing is a lot like the gym.

If I went to the gym every single day and did mammoth sessions with no days off, I would improve at a much lesser rate than if I had one or two rest days a week. So allowing myself to socialise one day, or to do something viscerally creative isn’t, in my humble opinion, a bad thing.

To create is an entirely different thing for me from having information poured into me. I feel like an empty vessel which needs to be filled with information when I revise, yet when I create, I feel like I am the one pouring in the creativity, into whatever medium I choose. Yesterday it was a Moleskine cahier, which I decorated with tribal pattern and will be going up on my Etsy page soon (lifeslittlebeauties.etsy.com).

But today, I have reworked an old analogy. Creativity is something which is a part of creative people, and not something which is possible just to ‘drop’, because other things are taking precedence. So when you think you don’t have time to write/read/draw/create, make time, because you are the timekeeper in your own life.

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