IMG_2927Being in London anyway for some work experience, I ventured to the National Portrait Gallery for some evening inspiration on late night opening. I saw the show a couple of years ago, and remembered how close I had to get to some of the paintings to check they were in fact, just that, and not sly photographs.

This year was no exception, and there were some real photorealism gems, as well as some paintings which used paint and other media in expressive and unusual ways. One of my favourites was the one that used train tickets and scraps of paper, being an avid mixed media fan myself.

But, as with my last visit to the award, I couldn’t get my head round the winners. In my opinion, they picked a couple of the weakest and least ambitious pieces of work, when other artists were truly pushing the boundaries. That isn’t to say if I viewed them on their own, I might not be able to see the artist merit. But this was a group exhibition, and frankly without the ‘1st place’ and ‘2nd place’ signs, they faded into the background.

Here are a few photos of my favourite images: by no means the majority of them, but if you’re intending to go see the show, maybe  don’t look at them all so I don’t ruin the surprise!

IMG_2930 IMG_2934 IMG_2931 IMG_2938 IMG_2940  IMG_2933


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