IMG_3044Paper is by far my favourite media, and I absolutely love the idea of folding it, using it in collage, crumpling it, and generally pushing the boundaries of what should be possible with a flat sheet. So I was very excited to visit the ‘Paper’ exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London (even if it couldn’t possibly be worse timing in terms of press for Mr Saatchi himself).

While I thought the interpretation of Paper was at times loose to the point of obscurity, some of the exhibitions were truly breathtaking. In the first room, the vast pencil drawings were absolutely incredible pieces of career-defining work. There were some interesting collages, some of which were political. Amongst my favourite works were the trees cut out of various paper bags:


One of the delicate trees in a bag art

The view from the top

The view from the top

The striking black tree

The striking black tree

Some of the artists were exhibiting large scale pieces of art inspired by or made solely with paper, and whilst I appreciate the challenges of working with such a medium on such a scale, it is always the small intricate pieces which I am drawn to and impress me the most. What follows are some of my favourite pieces – as with all my exhibition posts, perhaps don’t scroll down any further if you’re intending to see the exhibition yourself, as I know I always like to see them first-hand.


Clever little pieces – notice the massive sudafed!


Gorgeous use of collage here


The layering texture created


A close-up of the first room large pencil drawing


Kite paper installation


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