Go to any talk about ‘self-branding’ and you’ll hear the word ‘niche’. A fun word in my opinion, and they will tell you that in order to be memorable you need to find your niche. Being niche is key, they’ll say. Your niche is what will sell you. Don’t try to cover too much ground, but instead find a niche place where you can inhabit your own space. But what if my niche isn’t very niche at all, I retort?

Whilst I have now written and now mentally spoken the word ‘niche’ so many times it seems to be the weirdest word in the world, the point I am trying to make is that it is banged about far too much, in far too many contexts, but particularly when it comes to blogging. There are literally millions of blogs out there now, with which you will be competing for readership: in fact, according to WordPress alone, 47.2 million new posts are posted on this website every single month. That’s a lot of blogs to get lost in.

But what happens if your niche is, a bit like me I suppose, a bit of everything? The main problem I faced when trying to find my ‘niche’ was that I am quite frankly interested in too much. I am not a football fanatic who uses the Xbox, TV, social media channels and virtual reality to live out my passion, nor am I a model who lives and breathes fashion in the home and my wardrobe, but I am instead, a person who dabbles in a bit of everything. I like nothing more than discovering a new craft, going to an interesting art exhibition, observing people, writing, reading and socialising. But that’s not a niche, surely?

I’d like to argue, actually, it is. We are all ‘niche’ because our own specific interests make us that way. There is no blogging rule book that says if you blog about writing one day, you can’t blog about art the next (and if there is, I’m shitting all over it, if you’ll excuse my French). Blogging is such a fantastic outlet because there really are no rules. So my simple advice? If you can’t find your niche, make it. Make your niche everything that interests you, because whilst concentrating on one very specific feature of your own navel might get you more interest initially, real passion shines through for a lot longer.


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