sheffieldOn Tuesday 20th August, I took a jolly trip to Sheffield with my parents. For the most part, the trip was like any other, but I did come across a lovely gem of a shop. Birds Yard boasted an impressive selection of Sheffield’s designers, with some really interesting pieces and ideas.

I always love little independent shops, and even when I’m struggling for cash (ahem, now), having a browse knowing I can’t buy any of the lovely little twiddly bits still makes me happy. Ah well, cheaper than therapy I guess!

Here are a few things that caught my eye (do excuse some poor quality photos, I didn’t want to get chucked out for stealing ideas when really I just wanted to write a little blog post!) (note also, I am not claiming any of these to be my own work and all will be subject to copyright of the original designer).

This adorable button brooch from http://www.lovelypigeon.com. There is something I cannot describe that draws me to buttons.


I’ve never seen anyone use jean buttons quite like this – I have dabbled with button rings and button jewellery, and they became quite popular in the last few years, but I though this idea was quite fresh. ‘Miss Sixty’ caught my eye first (which can just be seen being gorgeous in the background).


I am really into collar necklaces at the moment too, and although I don’t wear my highstreet lace number as often as I should, I was really tempted by this ceramic version. Such a gorgeous pattern.


Now anyone who has followed my blog for a while will know that paper IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. It almost makes me tearful to see someone use paper in an interesting way, so this brooch absolutely had to be photographed. How beautiful is this number!

paper heart

I think this was by the same designer who made the jean button rings, and these denim hearts are so lovely with their patched writing on top. Stunning.


Finally, these hand stamped notelets were just adorable. I write to my family and boyfriend often when I am at uni, and I am always looking for interesting stationery (even if I probably appreciate it more than them, it makes me happy!) Unfortunately, there was no price on these, or I think it may have been an impulse purchase waiting to happen!

post stamp

I was so pleased to have come across such a lovely shop. I did a little bit of research and found there used to be one in Leeds to which closed down, which is a great shame. Let’s just hope the people of Sheffield keep supporting the independents and keep this one open!


You can visit the website at http://www.birdsyard.co.uk – if any of the designers do come across this page with their images on, please do let me know and I will pop up your website alongside your little beauties! xoxo


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