It’s been just over a year since I started this blog, and whilst I haven’t always firmly stuck to my aim of at least a blog a week, I’ve tried my best. I have always been a keen writer, adamant aged seven that I wanted to be like Jacqueline Wilson, but as I’ve matured a little, my interests have diverged slightly from poetry and short stories, and into the realms of articles. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t still like to write a feature length given the time, but for now, I’ll be sticking to blogs.

So what is the difference between blogging and writing, aside from the obvious? Well the obvious being, you need a blog to blog, but there is no set publishing medium for writing. For me, the difference is in the words. There is something infinitely less forbidding about saying you ‘blog’, not ‘write’. As my previous blog post dealt with, saying you ‘write’ conjures up a lot of preconceptions within people, not all of which good. But saying you blog has much fewer boxes you’re designed to fit into.

If only because the boxes you fit into are drawn by yourself. A blog can become a little part of the world which you can own, and within that, whatever you choose to write is exactly fit for the setting, because you have created that setting yourself. And I find something quite comforting knowing, that not only can you write what you want, but you can control the factors surrounding the publication of that text.

Image: http://www.dreamstime.com/webking_info


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