There was a time that I’d say I preferred cooking a million times over baking, but now I’m not so sure. There is something very therapeutic about baking something yum, and infinitely satisfying presenting it to someone special.

Florentines – BBC Good Food

I decided I wanted to bake florentines this year, after being introduced to them fairly recently. This was one of the first results after a quick Google, and following the recipe at the link above, they turned out pretty alright actually. I used mostly dark chocolate with a small addition of milk chocolate, and greased A LOT, because I noticed lots of the comments said the greaseproof paper stuck. No problems here!


I’m not the prettiest baker, but so far (touch wood), everything has tasted pretty good!


My lovely Dad and his hammy acting


Biscotti – Hairy Biker’s Diet Book

Unfortunately, what these biscottis gain in the fact they are merely 54 calories a slice, they fail in that they are incredibly moreish and just the right size to have a couple. Some lovely flavours though, and who counts at Christmas anyway?



Baked Goods Packets


Two of my best friends have just returned for Christmas from their year abroad in Canada and France, and when I went to lunch with them today, I couldn’t resist taking them a taste of home. I included a couple of salted caramels, a biscotti and a florentine, and they were delighted. I just used a plastic card sleeve (used to protect handmade greetings cards) and a bit of christmasy ribbon, and I think they look great!

All that’s left is to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and I’ll be back after the big day! Hope everyone has a fantastic time!


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