I had thought that my last blog post about my baked goods would be my last post before Christmas, but I couldn’t resist just posting a quick one about this little tree. This project is off Superscrimpers, the Christmas episode, and whilst some of their tutorials can be a little naff, or even unnecessary in my eyes, this one I thought was something special.

So easy to do, you just need an old book (the type that has a separate binding, so hardback is better), a selection of buttons and ribbon and a glue gun.

Step by Step

1. Begin by removing the hardcover from the pages, using scissors or a knife.

2. Fold over the first page until the top edge touches the middle, and then fold it over again like a paper aeroplane. You will have a little extra flap, tuck that back onto itself.


3. Continue this for as many pages as you feel it needs to feel ‘full’ – mine was roughly 250, which sounds a lot, but you soon get into a rhythm.


4. Cut away remaining unfolded pages and secure the first and last page together.

5. Get decorating with anything you can find around the house – I used vintage buttons from the button box passed down from my Nan, cabochons and beads, and a length of ribbon tied into a bow for the top. Secure with a glue gun. Perfect!







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