ImageSo, it’s finally here… The last post of the year. I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas, and enjoyed some time off even if you’ve got one of those hideous jobs where even Christmas Day isn’t sacred. I’ve eaten far too much, and am definitely getting right back into the gym saddle on the 2nd.

This is just a quick blog post about one of my favourite books I received this Christmas. I realise I have been neglecting my literature lovers somewhat with Christmasy crafts, so this one is for those who follow for a bit of literature whimsicality.

It can be hard to choose a book for someone you know loves them. How do you know if they already have it when their bookcases stretch the perimeter of their house? How do you know that it’s the genre they like, the type of binding they prefer, or pint-sized enough to fit in your book-lover’s handbag when you know they like to cart them around?

Basically, ‘A Book Addict’s Treasury’ is everything that I could possibly want from a book: from the moment I read the inside sleeve which stated this book was for anyone who has ‘smelled a book before reading it’ and ‘book-squirrels who own more volumes than it is humanly possible to read’ I felt like I had gone to Book Addicts Anonymous, and finally someone accepted that it wasn’t that weird to have a good sniff of your new book. For me, a book is about a hell of a lot more than just what’s inside – take the covers I wrote on for example – and instead is part of a wider experience, which includes everything you feel from the moment you pick it up. This cover is delightfully matte, I think the little squiggle of a drawing on the cover is gorgeous and if you’re interested, it is indeed small enough to fit in my handbag. So buy it for the book-lover in your life, so they too can experience and read about those little pleasures.


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