Blogging is something which never ceases to surprise me. For example, sometimes when I write a blog post I am particularly happy with it, that I feel is the best one I’ve written in a while, I expect to gain a couple of new followers or to rack up a few likes. However, invariably when I think that, it simply isn’t the case. Other times, when I’m short of time or inspiration and quickly type a blog post in a hurry I seem to get the response I was hoping for the former.

For me though, that is the beauty of blogging. People don’t always want to read the same things, meaning people won’t always write the same things too. If I knew there was a set formula that would gain me dozens of new readers every time, heck I’d probably follow it, but my blog would suffer too. Consequently, I am always kept on my toes and left thinking ‘what is it about that post that just didn’t get much interest?’ or ‘why was that thing I typed in the adverts of my 4oD program so popular?’ and for me, self-reflection is often just as interesting as writing the post itself.

It also never ceases to amaze me how some of the most popular blogs are doing things which aren’t really all that revolutionary, nor engaging at times, (not that popular = inferior at all, there are dozens of blogs I follow which are incredibly popular, but just that it amazes me sometimes what gets credit when other blogs lay barren of comments and appreciation) whereas other blogs I’ve found are absolute gems and definitely don’t get the credit they deserve. But I suppose, that as bloggers, that’s what we sign up for: a fickle audience, but a rewarding and engaged one which isn’t afraid to tell us when they really got excited about something, or frankly leaves us waiting if they aren’t.


3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Blogging

  1. I agree. Blogging is a strange beast… it’s never the posts you expect that gain the most traffic.

    I think as long you’re enjoying whatever you’re posting then nothing else matters 🙂

  2. I completely agree! You have to think to yourself, ‘am I enjoying this enough to do it even if no one else reads it’, and I think unless the answer to that is yes, then not only is there very little point doing it because it won’t make you happy, but you’ll also find it very difficult to upkeep anyway.

  3. This is so true Zoe. I have often thought exactly the same thing and desperately tried to find some sort of magic formula. Recently though I thought about the fact that I wanted to post about my family christmas despite the fact that I knew if I was a reader who didn’t know me I might well not be interested. I wrote that post for myself really and yet I had some kind of weird spike in my blog viewings that day! Its a bit of a mystery really. I agree you have to just enjoy it and go with the flow.

    You also have to remember that some people have some mad skillz when it comes to self promotion and playing the social networking game and we don’t all have the time or energy for all that!

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