With Christmas a distant memory, I thought I’d post something slightly different, but still along the theme of cooking which I sometimes touch upon. At the moment, I’m following the Weight Watchers program, along with regular exercise in the hope of losing some weight. What I have always liked about WW is that nothing is off limits: I lead a healthy lifestyle generally, but also don’t want to have to deprive myself of a treat sized chocolate bar if I fancy one (which I normally do). I do also firmly believe that with a bit of effort and forward-planning, you can have all the things you think you can’t have on a diet/while eating healthily with just a few sensible changes.

I have tried to cut down on carbs before, and frankly it makes me miserable, so now I have decided that as long as I know I’m getting a balanced diet and eating whole grains, which I do anyway, then I’m happy to let myself off. Here’s a few things I ate this week.

This soup was made in my new soup maker I got for Christmas (you know you’re old when you’re genuinely delighted by such functional kitchen gifts), and the great thing is all you have to do is chop all the veg roughly the same size, and in 21 minutes you have a smooth soup. For this one, I added sweet potato, parsnips, butternut squash, onion, stock, a teaspoon of ginger and a dash of seasoning. Yum


I made two variations on this healthy ‘pizza’ and had it at lunchtime, and they were both super tasty and satisfying. One I used a whole meal tortilla, the other a whole meal pitta sliced sideways, and I have to say, I think for diet food you’ll be impressed! Disclaimer: I do love thin pizzas, so for those who prefer a deep pan stuffed crust bad boy, you’ll be a little bit disappointed, but for topping fiends like me, give it a go. Pop chopped tomatoes seasoned with some herbs and pepper onto the base of your choosing, add 30g of grated low fat cheese and whatever toppings and grill. Tastes deceivingly decadent!


Next, a dessert which really feels like a bit of what you fancy but without the calories of a shop bought dessert. My mum makes some mean meringues, and to this I added a drizzle of honey with natural yoghurt and blueberries. I try to use honey over golden syrup where I can, but the meringue feels so naughty!


For me though, it’s all about planning. If you wait until you get home to decide what you’re having for dinner, even if you think you’re being healthy, you won’t have given the calories the thought you might have done if you’d preplanned the night before. I use WW online to track what I’ve eaten, but even if you’re just counting calories, it can help to commit it to paper – that extra cube of cheese or biscuit still counts, and it can be quite shocking just how much things do add up. Anyway, just a small insight into what I’ve eaten so far this week – if you’re watching your weight, what helps keep you on track? Good luck everyone!


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