Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to a new house, office or other room usually associated with books, I can’t help having a quick nosey. I thought I’d give you readers, particularly the regular ones, the chance to have a little look at where I keep my stash. The two bookcases I’ve taken pictures of are two of the three I have in my room at home – the third stores childhood sentimental books, and old diaries. And of course, I’ve got a little skinny one at uni too, but I didn’t think you’d find the textbooks quite as exciting!




Because my bookcases are such a treasured part of my room, they’ve sort of become an extension of me and I’ve added lots of little ornaments and other decorations which I felt fit. My problem is whilst I always look at other people’s rooms as interesting and full, sometimes I can only see cluttered, but I’m trying to get over that! The third shelf down in the first pic houses all the lovely notebooks I’ve picked up and been given over the years, that are waiting for the opportunity to be filled! It really is so lovely knowing if I need somewhere to write bits and bobs down, I can just reach for one and probably have one that fits the bill perfectly. On top of my bookcase is a photo of me and my boyfriend on holiday in Crete. The postcard on a lower shelf says ‘I’ve learnt so much from my mistakes, I think I’ll make another one’ which I bought from a charity shop because I just thought it was so brilliant.

On the second pic, do let me explain about my friends frame. I’m not sure how well you can see it, but it is I’m fact a picture of me and my best friend with Jedward. This is not through a love of the duo, but merely because the situation was hilarious: we saw them in the Louvre whilst admiring sculptures and couldn’t resist a picture for ‘what the actual hell’ factor. The native French were most unimpressed.


Possibly my absolute favourite car boot sale find ever, this book clock was something I’d had my eye on for ages in urban outfitters but just couldn’t justify forking out on. But when I saw it for a fiver brand new at a car boot, well it would have been rude not to wouldn’t it!


I posted about these being one of my favourite ranges late last year, and the two gorgeous books I have are at pride of place. Look at the pages!


My mum trained to be an English teacher, and still amazingly has some of her copies of classics (priced at varyingly priced pence) and I do think they have such lovely charm! Emma here has made it onto mine, though she’s not yet been read.


I like to display some of my little artistic ventures, and this card was when I was busy trying out machining onto paper before I got my free machinery fitting.


Just a selection of a few books I’ve used in my three years at uni, I won’t be keeping them all but will certainly keep my faves. Some have made it on to Amazon because I just can’t face them I hated them that much (and have subsequently funded this year’s books) but some will stay on my bookcase forever. I’m not a big rereader, but I think it’s nice to have a sentimental reminder sometimes. Someone on my course once said that she wrote the date she read each book on the course on the inside cover, along with what she thought, which I think is just delightful!


These review copy of books are slightly different in that they were given to me whilst I was on work experience at Prima magazine. There’s something very exciting about having a pre-proof copy on my bookcase, and I’d love to eventually compare some of these to their published counterparts. I read ‘forgive me, Leonard Peacock’ by the writer of ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’ (which I’m still yet to see, gr) and absolutely devoured it, I loved it. So exciting I managed to read it before it was actually released!


Finally, this charming book is something you should all read. It was recommended to me by a tutor in second year, is super skinny so something we can all cram into busy lives, and generally quite sweet and incredibly clever. I’d describe it as a book that ever writer would wish they’d written.

What’s on your bookcase? Would you like to share it with the world on my blog? If you too are a bookcase voyeur who would care to write a few words about their storage unit, please drop me a comment!


6 thoughts on “Other People’s Bookcases – Mine!

  1. I ALWAYS check out the bookcases when I’m at someone’s home–you can learn a lot about someone by looking at their books! And I always feel a little strange if I’m at someone’s house and there aren’t any books on display.
    I also find that I get distracted if I’m watching a movie or TV show and there are bookshelves in the background–I start trying to see which books are on them and I sometimes lose track of the plot for a bit!

  2. Nice bookcases! Loving your book clock too. I have two massive 7 storey IKEA bookcases myself but the trouble with sharing with a partner is that his stuff has encroached so all my treasured paperbacks have to share space with DVDs such as “300” and “Black Hawk Down” *sigh*. Never move in with anyone – ha ha! Easier said… You must read Emma – I read that as part of a course I took whilst on my year abroad in Texas (ironically as I was studying American Literature!) and its remained my favourite Austen. I have just written a post about re-discovering my childhood favourites too at


    I will definitely have to seek out a copy of “All my Friends are Superheroes”!

    • Haha so true. I was thinking the other day I don’t know how I’m ever gonna be able to amalgamate all my stuff! I’ll definitely have a look at your post, thanks!

      Ah man DVDs – interesting juxtaposition to go with your Austen there!

  3. I love this picture. Other people’s bookshelves are fascinating to me, however I have to fight the urge to rearrange them by genre, publication date and size.

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