Apologies, I was supposed to write this blog yesterday, but I’ve come home for the weekend and I got involved in a wine tasting party and general raucousness with my family. Hard life.

Yesterday was my last January exam, and it happened to be in sociolinguistics. But more than that, it was the last exam of my whole degree, because I don’t have any to look forward to in May due to my module choices being assessed by essays. On paper, it feels like such a bizarre feeling because, since I was in year 11, my life has been governed around exams. But in reality, I don’t feel any different.

It has made me reflect somewhat, though. Exams normally provide me with better grades than my essays, and I find there is something very comforting about them, in a strange, love-hate way. Essentially, now I know exams are over, and potentially (short-hand exam aside), it could be the last one ever, I am left with the very scary prospect that rather than learning things and retaining them for a couple of weeks after the dreaded assessment, I now have to learn skills for life. Employers will expect me to retain knowledge and skills, and will be quite disillusioned if it turns out they’ve expired after just a few days…

Joking aside, there are a lot of things I don’t agree with about exams. In language exams, there are often concepts which I understand, but struggle to define concisely in the tiny space allowed on my exam paper, getting my words mixed up and probably getting no marks for something I’ve got my head round all year. When I’m essay writing, there are days when I know I am just not in the right frame of mind to write anything of any substance: there are exam days like that too, but it’s just tough luck.

It’s weird knowing my last exam that counts towards my degree is over, and right now I feel a little less like this (which apparently the internet seems to think is ‘what you feel like when your last uni exam is over’)


and a little more like this: Image

But I’ll let you know if anything changes when I get my results..


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