IMG_0444Over the years, me and my Mum have collected some serious food magazines. There’s something quite nice about being able to pay with a fiver, get some change and still have a whole new set of recipes – even if inevitably you’ll only cook a very small handful of them. As we’re both following the Weight Watcher’s Propoints diet at the moment and with me being home from uni for the weekend, we decided to consolidate all these loose magazine pages into one big folder.

Weight Watchers magazines are great – Mum recently found a steal at a charity shop, £1 for 3 back issues, and they were all ones we didn’t already have, score! However, we do find that some of their recipes can be a little bit samey, drawing on the same ingredients and giving quite similar results. So also in amongst the mix were the healthier pages of Sainsbury’s free magazine, an old issue of Women’s Fitness, and a WW’s spin-off magazine that we bought years ago when we used to attend meetings. I think it can be useful to buy Women’s Fitness/ Health every now and again, because sometimes I feel you can get caught in a WW ‘bubble’, where everything needs to be the lowest calories it possibly can, and forget that food is fuel and should be nourishing and well-balanced too.



I think it will be really useful having stuff a little more together, so that when it comes to tea time you can draw on something a bit different for inspiration. We’re going to put them in plastic wallets in a ring binder too, so that I can steal the odd leaf back to uni for a few weeks quite easily.


Do you have a similar set up with your recipes, or do you like to keep your back issues in tact?


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