I’m still ploughing away with the diet. Unfortunately, (well to be honest, fortunately because they are some of my favourite things in the world to do), but university involves an awful lot of eating and drinking. This doesn’t always equate to sticking with the diet, so when I’m at home and cooking for myself, I try to be good to counteract those little slip ups often involved when socialising. But I hate boring food – those endless pictures of plain chicken breasts and sad looking broccoli on Instagram? Nah, not for me. Here’s a few things I’ve eaten over the past couple of weeks.


I love a good chilli, but decided I’d experiment with keeping the points down a bit by using pork mince. It worked pretty well in my opinion – the chilli itself was around 9 propoints for those following WW; using the recommended portion of pork mince on the app/site.


Now anyone who knows me very well will know I’m not a massive salad fan: there is something about the wetness of iceberg lettuce, cucumber and celery that makes my skin crawl. However, ‘dryer’ leaves such as spinach, rocket and baby leaf kinds are actually alright (cue you’re a weirdo jibes) so this tuna, cheese, sweet potato and baby leaf salad with low cal dressing really hit the spot.


Similarly, I decided to mix up the salad here, added more carrots and some ginger, and some left over wagamamas teriyaki marinade as a dressing. So good!


Some of you might have seen this beauty on my Instagram a few weeks ago, but this pizza with a hole in the middle and a lovely (dry) salad in place of that dough allowed me to enjoy a meal out with my friends at pizza express without blowing the diet! In fact, I’m going again with my family tomorrow!


Now I can’t take credit for this one, but my Mum made this delicious dessert. Bottom layer is mango in sugar free orange jelly, a layer of butterscotch angel delight, followed by low cal whipped cream and a dusting of hot chocolate. Tastes incredibly naughty, definitely isn’t.


Finally, reduced fat peanut butter on wholemeal toast – if I’ve got a particularly sweet tooth I’ll add a bit of honey on top for an extra propoint and then microwave for a minute, but this hits the spot every time!

What’s your go-to diet meal? Do you have any tips?


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