On Sunday, me and my boyfriend Dan went to Sherwood Cookery Workshop to do a class on mini doughnuts and Icecream cone cupcakes. We thought it would be a lovely Sunday morning, and it really was, although I am now working off the 2 pounds I put on over the weekend off at the gym!

Apologies that some of these images are slightly poor, we had sun streaming through the windows which was lovely, but not massively conducive to fantastic photography on an iPhone.

Zara, the class leader, was absolutely adorable and I wish I’d managed to get a photo of her! She had some fab tips and insightful info which I definitely wouldn’t have learnt if I’d just printed the recipe offline.



These mini doughnut trays were great – apparently they retail for £6/7 on Amazon which is a steal really when doughnut machines are much more. Also, one less appliance clogging up your side eh?


One of the best tips for me was how to make sure the icing on our ice cream cone cupcakes really looked like whippy ice cream. Using buttercream icing, rather than just whipping around the edge like you might be forgiven for thinking would be the best option, create a ‘support’ system with up down movements in the middle before then piping around the edge. Fantastic tip to keep your ‘icecream’ standing up to attention!



Zara said that the flat bottomed cones were often out of stock in Tesco and Asda and that Sainsbury’s almost always had them if we wanted to reproduce.

Of course, the very best part is always decorating. Unfortunately, my doughnuts got air bubbles in (not entirely sure why, nor was Zara) but this didn’t affect the taste and was easily covered up by the delicious icing. I used icing sugar, chocolate, buttercream, sprinkles, and cinnamon sugar to name a few! Here’s my end results!





Yum! Have you tried Icecream cone cupcakes or mini doughnuts, or another baking class?


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