I’m not sure if it’s the fact I know I get to break my diet for the night, or just that I’m feeling particularly sentimental, but I’m really looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year! Because of my impending excitement, I thought I’d share my pick of lovely little creative bits and pieces for the arty and literature lover in your life (click on the pictures to get taken through to the site). And not a teddy bear in sight…


1.Cookie Inventor Kit – £24.50

Okay, so I want this set from Paperchase so bad – absolutely adorable and in the sale! Even just the chevron oven mitt makes me want to squeal with glee. Perfect for anyone who loves cooking, recording what they bake and generally receiving something so cute you’ll never want to unwrap!


2. Literary Term Cufflinks – £30

I am fascinated by the use of old books, particularly dictionaries, and go hunting in charity shops and junk stores to find a lovely aged number. These cufflinks from The Literary Gift Company are the perfect example of how an unloved book can be loved again!


3.Pride and Prejudice Rose – £12

Equally, what self-respecting book lover would want a rose which will wither and die, when they can have one made out of the pages of Pride and Prejudice? Grab this one from Bookish England.


4. New Museum Pastel Box Set – £6.09

At first when I saw these I read the decimal point in the wrong place and thought they were sixty-odd pounds, but at just over £6, these are an absolute steal. So interesting and chunky, these pastels are a perfect present for any artist! Head on over to Culture Label.


5. Bright Ideas Notebook – £3.99

I absolutely love Temptation Gifts for little quirky ideas, and I think this notebook is fantastic for anyone who finds themselves brimming with things to say, but never has a book at hand to say them. Or of course, for boring to do lists!


One thought on “Valentine’s Day for the Creative in your life

  1. I love the cufflinks and the paper rose. Literary gifts are hard to come by (aside from going for the obvious book) so it’s cool to see something a bit different 🙂

    I actually mentioned your blog in my post about the Versatile Blogger Award. There’s no obligation to take part, it’s just a nice way to draw attention to the blogs we enjoy reading.

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