When I’m home from uni at a weekend, me and Mum like to get a little session of craft in if we can. Last weekend we managed to try out my candle making set I received at Christmas.

I absolutely love things with a vintage feel, so I dug out a tea cup and saucer and a tea cup ensemble made into a cake stand, both bought from an antique shop a few weeks ago.

I was amazed by how easy the whole process was – just like melting chocolate on top of a double pot system, except less easy to burn.



There’s something very satisfying about the melting process, like stirring butter on the stove.



My Mum used a bit of a tatty old jar, with the sticky label difficult to get off, and wrapped washi tape around for a pretty effect. It’s also easier to see on the see-through jar how the wax cools gradually. As the wax sets, the instructions recommended that you repour once or twice to flatten the top, as the wax often dips in the middle slightly as it sets. Ours did do this, but we decided as we were burning them straight away rather than giving them as gifts, that we weren’t all too bothered.


The final products!




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