Writing is such a personal thing, and I think in a lot of ways, the things we choose to write in reveal a lot about us. I thought I’d share a couple of my writing books with you.

Firstly, this is my newest book in that this is the notebook I use to for my creative writing at uni.


The notebook itself is Disaster Designs, and absolutely gorgeous: a gift from my Mum’s lovely best friend. It has been shelved for a long time simply because I hadn’t felt I could put anything beautiful enough inside, but I have decided this year that I should just enjoy my stationery and throw caution to the wind.


I knew I’d be getting pieces of paper in my seminars, and so for a while I unmed and arred about using an A5 pad, rather than my usual academic choice of a ringbinder and plastic wallets, but eventually I decided to make use of some of those pretty paper clips and washi tape I’ve been hoarding and embrace the messiness – after all, it comes with a lace tie making it ideal! In fact, I love it. I love that every time I unhook a loose sheet, I feel like I’m discovering it for the first time, rather than flicking through a boring file. For me, that works for some modules, but for one as creative as, well, creative writing, I needed something a little more visceral.


I absolutely love Moleskines. I love that people still can’t really agree on how to say the name, and I love in a way that they offer endless creativity for being so plain, and quite literally a blank canvas. They feel fantastic to hold and my A5 black lined one is my favourite. I use this one to keep track of paid writing work, alongside any blog ideas that pop into my head that I don’t quite have enough time to write right now.



Finally, my Keel’s Simple Diary. For anyone who isn’t familiar with these diaries, they aim to take the time out of diary entries for busy people. I kept a diary from the age of 7, less so in sixth form, and uni really put an end to it altogether, so when I saw this at an art exhibition I thought it was a perfect idea. Even this unfortunately doesn’t get the love it deserves, but the prompts bring a smile to my face when I do get round to writing an entry.



What do you write in?


2 thoughts on “Writing vessels

  1. I’m a Moleskin gal. I tried other journals but they don’t feel right. Does that make any sense? Honestly I found I couldn’t write anything worth keeping in those ‘other’ journals 🙂
    For years I bought only the black covered, lined ones now I buy them in every colour! Right now I am coveting the white covered Moleskin journals. I must look out for the Keel’s diary – love it. Thanks for the beautiful pics.

    • I must admit there is a special place in my heart for Moleskines – so functional! I have a few lined up waiting to be filled.

      Thanks for your kind comments, and do let me know if you get your hands on a Keel’s diary! Mine is a volume two 🙂

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