This soup is just absolutely delicious – so different to other vegetable soups because the smokey flavours from the bacon really shine through. I’ve had this a couple of times homemade by my boyfriend’s Mum and loved it, and tried it at home with my Mum, and finally decided I should try some in my own soup maker.

The beauty of a soup maker as I briefly spoke about before, is that you literally just chop everything up and it does the rest for you. I cooked the bacon and lightly fried the onion for a more roasted taste, but cooking the onion beforehand is definitely optional.

Of course, this works just as well in a pan or slow cooker.


1 butternut squash
1/2 a carrot
1 onion
1 or 2 garlic cloves
150g smoked bacon or bacon lardons
1 jalapeño slice
800ml water
Vegetable stock cube (I used a Knor stockpot)
Seasoning (see below)

The instructions will be for a soup maker, but honestly the only real difference is you don’t use hot water in the machine, and that everything has to be allowed to be cool before blending together.


Firstly I tried the chopped onion and bacon lardons together – I used the lean kind with no fat, so that I could count each portion of soup as 2 pro points on the weight watchers diet.


As you can see, all the ingredients just get bunged together in the soup maker – the idea to is to try to keep them chopped the same size though, although with some things that can be harder.

I added 800ml of water, but you might find more or less is more appropriate – I have to adhere to min and max lines for liquid on the inside of the soup maker for it to work, so I was mainly working to that.


I added a variety of seasoning – you can add cayenne pepper but I didn’t have any in. I added a dash of chilli powder, a grind of chilli and garlic flakes, some hot paprika, and a good sprinkle of smoked paprika – if you have got any smoked you need some! I picked this up for a few quid in duty free on the way back from Spain, but you can get it in the supermarket, and it really makes boring dishes special.


And this is the final result! The last soup I made was far too thick so I’m really pleased with the consistency, and most of all, the taste!


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