imagesI’ve seen bits and bobs about the Versatile Blogger Award, but never really known a lot about it until I was kindly nominated by Callum over at callummclaughlin. People tend to write their own list of 15 blogs they enjoy reading, alongside 7 (hopefully vaguely interesting) facts about themselves, so here goes!

  1. I am a student who has never tasted a pot noodle
  2. This summer I did a month’s work experience at Prima magazine in London, and it was one the best experiences I’ve ever had, and really solidified my desire to become a journalist
  3. My Mum and I are trying to see every Shakespeare play – we’ve got a running list!
  4. I’ve met Victoria Pendleton and Fearne Cotton, but by far the most random celebrites I’ve ever met are (is, are they one entity?!) Jedward, when my best friend and I spotted them at the Louvre in time to get a selfie in a Jedward sandwich (I can only presume they were stood John then Edward)…188306_10150148145679155_860067_n
  5. I’ve dyed my hair a lot of different colours, from blonde to brunette, reddy brown, purpley brown and almost black, until I settled on my natural ‘ginger-in-the-right-lights-auburny-sometimes-browny’ colour.
  6. As a child, I won a PS1 and five games when they were all the rage in a competition prize draw my Mum picked up from Little Chef.
  7. The most beautiful beach I’ve ever visited was Elafonisi in Crete – the sand is actually pink!elafonisi

Now to the bit that’s actually worth reading – the blogs! Writing those facts reminded me a hell of a lot of first-year seminars, where we’d introduce ourselves with our name and a random fact about ourselves. Always so hard to think!

1. Callum McClaughlin

2. Danny Gregory

3.. Art Prescription

4. My so called artist life

5. And then the fun began

6. Writers helping writers

7. Lerusho

8. The Pink Rose Bakery

9. Junquemail Contessa

10. The Scrap Yard

11. A Bit Behind on Books

12. Avoiding the Bears

13. Tiffany Imogen

14. Groovy Journal

15. Book Rhapsody


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