On Saturday 1st March, I went with my Mum and Uncle to the Art14 fair in London. My Mum’s friend bought us tickets (the same one who bought me the gorgeous notebook, she has good taste!) and so having never heard of the fair I didn’t know quite what to expect. For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a massive exhibition space at Olympia full of exhibiting galleries, artists, art magazines and other delights. I intended to write one blog post on this, but due to the fact there is far too much to say and I got carried away with taking pictures (so often you can’t take pictures and it’s so upsetting!) I think this is going to be the first of many.

So, my first post from Art14 will be on ‘words’. As I was walking round the exhibition I was struck by just how many artists used words as an inspiration, and there really were some gorgeous pieces. Firstly, an apology, as a lot of these did not have artist details next to them and would have required me to inquire about price (and when I overheard one piece being quoted as £150,000, I was slightly reluctant to do so…)


The thing I find quite so impressive about these two is that they aren’t chalkboards at all, but painted acrylic canvases – even the ‘wooden’ edge is paint. I think there’s something quite intriguing about trying to be a medium that it isn’t, in the same way that photorealism fascinates me too.



This little snippet of a work just caught my eye – a book page encapsulated within wax.


I’m always really attracted to French words, and I really liked the way that tombe and the repetition of blind worked together here.




This lovely piece is by Shadi Yousefian is ‘From the Letters Series’ – I love the way that you can see where the pages were ripped from a spiral bound notebook, and that the panels don’t sit flush.


Quite a beautiful, but incredibly difficult to photograph table. (The yellow circle believe it or not is just a reflection of another wall-hung work)


Another chalkboard inspired piece – you can just see the artist’s name, Alejandro Guijarro, in the bottom corner.

(Not sure why pictures go small from this point – if anyone can tell me how that out, that would be much appreciated)

Art14 210

I liked the simplicity of these, and they did come as part of a set. (If you’ve got a spare £2000) (Jealous Inc. ‘Everyone Knows Aliens are Green)

Art14 229

I was totally captured by this piece, but it’s so hard to photograph, even on a good camera! This was basically a book shredded – think making those really long chains as a kid – and suspended from the ceiling. So gorgeous.  By Jukhee Kwon – ‘Dipping into Darkness’

Art14 230

Art14 231

Art14 234

Equally pretty interesting, it looks like something has exploded inside this book! Same artist, ‘Sense and Nonsense in Art’Art14 243

Art14 244

Love the idea of blacked out imagery on book pages, don’t so much love that everything is framed in a glossy frame and I appear in all the pictures.Art14 267

Art14 269

Art14 270

Qinn Chong’s ambiguously named ‘present’

Art14 289

Art14 290  Art14 297

Just stunning – I think i like this better than the black version (by a different artist) simply because it reminds me of correction tape.Art14 306

Art14 307

Art14 308Finally, these lovely relief pieces by Ubik, lovingly entitled various numbered ‘Rant’.

This post will be the first of many as I’ve mentioned, so if you’re eager to see some more art, do check back soon!

Did you make it to Art14? What did you think?


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