For one of my creative writing seminars, the question of whether of not it is possible to write a three stanza poem, with three totally unrelated stanzas was posed. For me, the answer is no. Even in the poems which were presented which were a lot more successful than mine at invoking unrelated themes, it was still possible to draw links between them. Because let’s face it, we spend our academic careers as literary critics drawing links, so to turn off from that is very difficult.

Anywho, here’s my rather related unrelated stanzas – I shouldn’t have told you all that and you’d have just read it at one poem rather than an unsuccessful attempt at an exercise, wouldn’t you?!

As always, any feedback is gratefully appreciated.


Imminent people in high up places,

All ready to decide your fate.

Don’t get cocky, let your spirit become

heady, they know you’re only fake.

Pretending to be what the job description marks,

Just playing at fitting the bill.

Where will you be when graduation calls,

Clicking your nails, downing your drink, until then.


Books lined up, all without the sense of an ending. Imagine hours spent

traversing landlocked worlds in your head only to find

there is no point.

What would you do to write a trilogy? To say

that though your capricious desires might not exist, you own

them and to tell a director he’d got it all wrong. Silken trousers win

best costume, but only your head can flesh out the problem with

stories that go nowhere.


Used. Withered. Written. Removed.

Erased. Betrayed. Deleted. Unseated.

No longer in its cushy place, between two metaphors,

Because the home has been burned and only declarative

Sentences remain.

That age-old idea of ‘writing simply’.

Who does that anyway? Just some bullshit you’re fed,

so people don’t have to wonder what the

fuck you mean when you say it conveys

feelings of despair.


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