The poetry side of my creative writing classes has come to an end, and just as I was starting to get into my stride. The last task we were given before our assessment was to write a poem in the style of another poet. Matt my tutor introduced me to Sam Riviere, and he was right up my street, so I decided to try to emulate his conversational style. I’ve just bought his collection 81 Austerities image5539555412353386014Here’s my poem, in the style of Sam Riviere, and underneath is the poem I used as reference.


one thing I realised when I grew up was

skies are grey if you notice or not

I’m tired of you clinging to my half of the duvet

“itchy labels, I can’t get any sleep” well

cut them out and then you’d sleep

sound as that time we built our world out of sheets

you were the pole that held the room up

now you’re flat on your back awake

popping bobbles on the ceiling with your eyes

make of that what you will



Poem of reference:

Sam Riviere

[No Subject]

can we think about getting the internet

reconnected & also a terrestrial TV aerial

going to cafes to email is so depressing

tell me why did we let the internet

unmoor its radiant cloud from

above our home when choosing what

to watch on demand is too stressful

obviously I am not going to ‘choose’

to watch How I Met Your Mother

if it’s on I don’t have that problem


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