Though my taste in art is fairly eclectic, I am most frequently drawn to the things that are imperfect. I have no interest in bland portraits that convey nothing of the sitter, because they quite simply are too good. I don’t think that this love for the imperfect can be more simply displayed than in my fascination with derelict buildings. I walk past a derelict factory most days on the way to the gym, and I have an almost uncontrollable desire to go and take photos there – I just think it would be the most perfect backdrop.

There used to be a children’s theme park near me when I was younger where we would occasionally go, called American Adventure, and it closed down some years ago. Last week, one of my Facebook friends shared an article with photos of the now derelict land (which unfortunately, Photobucket has now removed all the images on said article), and I just find something delightfully creepy about looking at pictures of things that no longer fit their purpose. So when I saw this set of images by Hirohito Nomito at Art14, I couldn’t help but grab a few snaps.






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