I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for ages, but been worried it might come across as too preachy, so now that I’ve finally got round to it, if you do sense anything of the church preacher sort, please slap me on the wrist and understand it wasn’t at all intended. This post just really comes from always being called ‘the organised one’ and from struggling to put my finger on exactly why that is. So here goes…


Put your life into a book

First of all – my filofax. I am not exaggerating when I say that if I don’t take this on holiday I feel uncomfortable, and though it probably takes a kilogram of my hand luggage, I feel all twitchy if it’s not there. I have been known to take leafs out and carry them around if my bag isn’t quite big enough, or to photocopy sheets if I was using a more traditionally bound diary. BUT the point remains, have somewhere you can write down where you’re meant to be when. I was lucky enough to get this real leather beauty for just a few quid from a car boot, but a 99p diary will do the job too (having said that, when the Paperchase ones are THAT cute, I’ve never followed my own advice).

Make lists

I have inherited this from my Mum, in that whenever she has to do anything/go anywhere/think she makes a list for it. Lists help me sleep at night: I find if I can verbally vomit my ideas onto a sheet, they then seem to disappear from my head and I can pick them back up for thinking the next morning. Oh, and washi tape makes them oh-so-pretty when you stick them up above your desk

Organise the little things

Getting properly organised doesn’t just mean knowing when you should be in a meeting or lecture. Things like planning your meals are super important, because they save needless time spent staring at Tesco’s shelves (other supermarkets are available) when you’ve got a cupboard full of perfectly good food already. That way, you can reduce wastage, need to earn less because of this and can then spend less time working. Extreme? Yes. A point in there somewhere? Definitely.

Oh and because my housemates know me oh-so-well they bought me this gorgeous little pad from Paperchase 20140325-223953.jpg

Learn to say no

Now back to the
preachy side of this post I was so eager to avoid – is it ok to preach about something that you don’t even do yourself? I’m not so sure, but here goes. Learn to say no. I have not learnt this and still try to cram far too much into weeks. However, you can toss a coin and decide whether you don’t mind always saying yes if it means life is never dull – if I’m honest, I didn’t even get to the coin tossing stage!


If you blog, then the scheduled post button should be your best friend. I have been in Canada from 14th – 24th March, and I bet you didn’t even know did you! (pics to follow!) Something I’ve learnt the hard way is that regularity is key with your blog, so if you know you won’t have a moment to think one week, schedule a post in the week before.

Embrace technology

Let’s face it, there’s an app for everything, and very often they’re free. Use your smartphone on the move for things like calendars, emails, social media and even more specialised things such as calorie counting, and you will find that less things stack up until you get home – you can do them all on the move instead.

Do less to do more
Finally, do less things and make time for you. Do something frivolous or write to your Nan like you’ve been meaning to for ages. Often I find the more I try to do, the more I burn out and do nothing. So remember, it’s okay to have unproductive nights, and even if you’ve had ten in a row, tomorrow is a new day.

Do you have any top tips?


7 thoughts on “Getting organised – How to be a million things at once

  1. Great tips Zoe 🙂 I’m a list maker too and in my experience one of the most effective ways to stick to a budget and save money is to go shopping with a list and buying only the items on your list. It applies to other things as well, list making is a great time management tool. I don’t think you’re coming across as ‘preachy’ at all,

    • Oh good I’m glad! Lists are the way forward. I do honestly think they are one of the main reasons I sleep so well – I just pick up my worries in the morning!

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