I’m still ploughing away at my Weight Watcher’s diet – with Canada in the middle and lots of yummy meals and temptations, that was easy said than done at times, and a couple of weeks off set me back 2 1/2 pounds, but it could have been worse.

Here are some of the healthy meals I’ve been trying out this month.


Yesterday, me and Dan had a roast, and my portion was very much within my points! Kept out the bits which normally bump it up like stuffing and yorkshires and I even weighed my cooked portion of roast chicken. Had a bit of an experiment with a red cabbage recipe with red wine, cinnamon, salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar, which smelt divine like Christmas, but unfortunately hadn’t absorbed all of the flavours quite as well.


I have a batch of lean pork mince in my freezer I bought a while back from the Butcher’s and was unsure what to do with it until I saw a recipe, which I took inspiration from, for a pork mince Stirfry. Actually really yummy and I’d definitely be having it again!


This chicken wrap was delicious – mix some low fat plain yoghurt with curry powder and coat chicken in it, then fry adding whatever veg you want, and add to a wrap. Such a great lunchtime meal, and good for on the go too!

And this month’s fail…


I finally used one of those life hack things! Microwaving two soups at once. Except our microwave wasn’t quite big enough so roughly 1 minute after said photo was taken, if flooded the microwave with a sea of tomato. Whoops?

What are your healthy food ideas?


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