On Friday 11th April, my Mum and I went down The Hub, or National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford and took part in an afternoon’s workshop. The theme was Handmade sketchbooks, and instructor Emma taught us a simple technique which she learnt in India.

The bit I love most about craft classes is seeing how people interpret the same brief so differently. Here are a few pics from the day:


Mum picking her fabric


These are the fabrics I was toying with. Eventually I went with the candy stripey one for my large piece, which reminded me of the fair! I discarded the rather lovely dotty pink and used the map paper for my second very small sketchbook.


I decided on multicoloured pages inside.


Attached some random buttons and contrasting ribbon with a glue gun and voila, first one done!


Second one, I used red dotty fabric, cut out a heart from thick quilted style fabric and a heart from a scrap of a map, which also happened to be where I go to uni. I hand sewed the heart down the middle so it would sit proud, on the recommendation of Emma and here was the mini result!




Mum’s decoration



Mine and mum’s finished books together and everyone else’s in the group. Lovely day setting aside some time for craft.


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