I had a very virtuous Friday and Saturday last week, which is quite unusual for me as I tend to let things go. I even went for a run Saturday morning. Sunday was my cheat day, which I actually find helps me to bump start my weight loss for the next week: it seems to shock my metabolism into working again or something!

Here’s a couple of things I ate…


It’s not very often I have pasta as an evening meal – I tend to take it with me for pack ups or such like but I had a large bunch of rosemary left over from a roast, and decided to make a rosemary chicken pasta. I must admit I was a bit bloated from this quantity of pasta, but most of it was actually veg and good stuff!



I made the banana bread from the newest Weight Watcher’s magazine too which was delicious, and also reminded me rather a lot of this little doggie! Very nice, and a decent portion – sometimes my Mum argues that the low calorie recipes WW profess are just ridiculously small portions, but I definitely didn’t feel that with my 4pp banana bread! So yum just out the oven!


Tried something different with these turkey burgers – whizzed up some fresh breadcrumbs, sliced spring onion, one egg between 3 burgers and some Thai green curry paste. Such a lovely flavour! Served with some low-cal ‘chips’, carrots, sweetcorn and peas.


Also managed a cheeky Wagamama’s with my friend Katie and still counted my points. According to WWs this chilli chicken ramen was 15pp. Sod’s law though, as we were brought free mushroom sides to try as they were testing them for the menu. Yummy!


Chicken tarragon – a weight watchers recipe. Looks so creamy but no cream to be seen! Low fat cheese, chicken stock, white wine and tarragon, served with Cajun potatoes. So lovely! (Please excuse the unattractive way I’ve slopped my sauce all over!)

Had a lot of potato-based meals this week, I’ll try for some more rice and noodle based ones next week!

What interesting low-calorie meals have you eaten recently?


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