Yesterday marked the end of my ‘100HappyDays’ hashtag on Instagram. I started taking part to encourage me to take a nice picture a day, almost like a micro-diary, and I have really enjoyed it.

Some days, where I’ve been stuck inside ploughing away at my dissertation and the most interesting thing I’ve done is go to the gym or cooked a reasonable dinner it’s been hard, but it’s also encouraged me to look at the little things which make me happy. Here’s 12 of my favourite, in no particular order.


1. Day 9 some new fitness gear to keep me motivated on my keep fit regime!


2. Day 20 finding out where Harry Potter lives

3. Day 27 personalised marshmallows for Dan for Valentine’s Day

4. Day 33 Valentine’s Flowers from one of my best friends!


5. Day 35 valentine’s flowers and enough chocolates to sink a battleship last the weekend from Dan 🙂

6. Day 45 English Society boat party with the girls!


7. Day 57impromptu amusement trip to Skegness

8. Day 65skiing in Canada. No explanation needed

9. Day 74 CN tower selfie

10. Day 85 Dan’s driving day

11. Day 91 handmade sketchbook day with Mum


12 Day 95 Wagamama’s catch up with Katie

It can be too easy to forget what makes us happy, so I’d definitely recommend to anyone giving the hashtag a go!


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