Once again, here are a few of my favourite meals from this week.
Not very often I add a breakfast but this one was gorgeous!


Baked beans are great not only because they count as one of your five a day, but they mean that I don’t have to put any butter on my bread. This breakfast was 7pp.


I’ve started also enjoying a smoothie with my breakfast sometimes (although they could also be called slightly lumpies as I only use a mini chopper!). This one was raspberries and banana with milk – I don’t like the taste of milk on it’s own and I don’t drink tea or coffee so it’s also a good source of calcium for me.


This vegetable curry I had for a lunchtime meal was delicious and only 3pp per portion! I teamed it with these yummy potato popped snacks, from the Nume range at morrisons. I really do think NuMe are great, much better than WW for me as they don’t just scrimp on size to get round calories. They were lovely and just like a low cal poppadom, and only 2pp!


This cajun pork was pretty good too! Homemade salsa on the top with a good squeeze of lime – I’d probably tone it down a bit next time but it was lovely and aromatic all the same.

And one thing just a littttttle bit naughty. Went to our local pancake parlour with two of my girl friends for a baked chilli crepe. Delicious – hoping it wasn't toooooo many points as there were lots of beans and veggies, but I'd definitely have it again!


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