Right, so every now and again you come across an artist who really captures something in you. At A Level, that artist for me was Basquiat, and after my visit to Art14 a few months ago, it is most definitely Kenji Sugiyama. I was privileged enough to meet the artist himself, as he was standing alongside his work, and he was so wonderfully humble, which is genuinely quite refreshing in an industry that is constantly telling you to self-market.

His work is mostly in miniature, and by looking through glass, into a model eye or other object, you can experience these magical miniature worlds. Kenji often cleverly utilises mirrors, and I really was left gobsmacked at just how intricate some of it is. I really wish that the pictures did it justice, but due to the mirrors and the scale on which he works, you really would have to own a piece to capture the true beauty.



A tiny art gallery!




The floor reminds me of school halls here!










Look at those books – don’t you want to dive in!



If you’ve liked these pictures, you MUST check out his website for a few more pics!


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