As always with my soup posts, my measurements etc. are somewhat approximate as I use a soup maker and bang whatever fits up to the line in really.

ingredients makes 4-5 portions
100ml reduced fat coconut milk
1 chicken stock pot (Knorr I used)
80g Thai green curry paste
1/2 pack green beans
2 teaspoons ginger
Sprigs of coriander
3 garlic cloves
10 spring onions
1 large white onion
Good glug of soy sauce
2 sprigs of broccoli
Salt and pepper

This was delicious though! If you like a thin, broth consistency then this is a fantastic option, I added noodles to mine but you could mix things up!

The amount of water you add depends on you – I added a very unscientific 3 gravy boats full (but again my main reason for this wasn’t taste but min/max lines with very little leeway.

Also, for weight watchers this soup is just 2propoints (obviously noodles not included). So delicious!




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