Another edition of my weight watching endeavours. Unfortunately, what with there being so many bank holidays and other tempting events like my boyfriend’s best friend’s wedding, where he was best man, I’ve fallen off track a bit, so here are a few meals from the last couple of weeks – the healthier ones of course!

I’m really loving this as a snack at the moment! Apple sliced with a thin scraping of reduced fat peanut butter on a rice cake. Very satisfying.

I went to see Mcbusted with my friend Claire, who were incredible by the way, and we went for Frankie and Benny’s before hand. I went for the low cal spag Bol, which was under 400 kcal. Yum!

These Thai style fishcakes were delicious! Very low in pro points and so flavourful!

This colourful array formed the ingredients for a soup I made last week, to which I added lashings of chilli for a lovely kick. Can’t beat a soup that bites back!

Low lasagne – I dunno about any other dieters, but I spend my life trying to recreate lasagne in a low calorie way. Now this wasn’t awful, in fact it was much nicer than previous attempts which often use cakey cream cheese or get rid of the creamy sauce altogether, but it was no full fat. I have to say I don’t normally miss things like roasting veg in proper olive oil or the fat on the bacon, but as for lasagne? I think it’s full fat all the way!

What have you been eating recently? Have you cracked the lasagne battle?!


One thought on “This Week’s Healthy Food

  1. Ah holidays, it’s also my day to gorge on good food, unfortunately I don’t diet. But I do take in a lot of HIIT and yoga intervals.:D Lovely pictures and now it’s making me hungry. Hmm, I have never made lasagna before. I’ll try that. 🙂

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