Now with three years’ experience as a university student, two more if you count A Levels, I feel relatively well qualified to finally write this blog post. There are a few ways in which I try to look after the pennies, and I thought I’d share just a few with you here.


1. Don’t throw those samples away! Even if you don’t think it necessarily suits your skin, keep the samples out of magazines or from other purchases. I use them when I stay over at a friend’s house, when I forget to buy a new bottle and I’ve run out, or the moisturisers etc, to pop in my handbag as a standby. I keep them in this cute felt bag which I got from a craft fair for just a few quid, but you could easily make your own.


2. Never buy online without first checking the voucher codes! The amount of times, even on smaller name sites I may have been visiting for the first time, I’ve just Googled on the off chance and found a fiver or 10% off. Even if you’re only recuperating your postage, you’re laughing, and there’s nothing I hate quite as much than paying postage!

3. Don’t be afraid to subscribe. Subscribing to magazines is an option for a reason: it ties you in, and companies love that they have you for a set amount of time. But also, if you do genuinely, like me, read Glamour every single month, then you’ll save a few quid too. Weigh it up and be honest with yourself.


4. Get rid of stuff on eBay. I have too many clothes. I’m writing that now but I’d deny it another day, ha. But I do have a sort out every now and again and sometimes I can be ruthless. Brands like Topshop always seem to go well, and I often make £40 or £50 in a sitting if I can be bothered. Lots of people can’t, so cash in on that. Equally, Amazon is still great for selling books, particularly course ones.


5. Have multiple bank accounts. I find this really helps me. I have an ISA which is obviously where the good interest is, but I also have a couple of other saving accounts where I like to siphon off money for particular purposes, like holidays and course materials. Like a piggy bank, but without the temptation. Well, some of it…

6. Make shopping lists. I’ve said this on a previous blog post, but shopping lists really do save me! We know the offers are there to tempt us, but they still do! So make a list and try to stick to it. I usually allow myself a couple of impulse choices, like a small pack of chocolate bars, but other than that try not to diverge too far from what I came for!

What are your top tips for saving money?


2 thoughts on “Saving money as a student

  1. Even as a “proper grownup” with a real job and everything, I think these tips still stand! And thanks for reminding me that I really MUST start eBaying clothes this weekend!

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