After some deliberation, I decided that it would be best for my diet if I cut down massively on chocolate for a while. See the problem is, I eat healthily, and then ruin it by snacking on chocolate, because I can’t just have one bit! It’s a compulsion! So I took to Holland and Barrett to find some healthier alternatives.


Firstly these oaty baked. I’ve tried one packet and although they aren’t what I was expecting, they definitely aren’t the worst diet friendly snack I’ve ever had!


Ordered a couple of my favourite Nakd bars as they were one buy one get one for a penny. And these boiled sugar free sweets. Only tried the strawberry and cream ones so far but they are delicious! Also got some toasted coconut to add to my porridge in a morning.


I’ve seen this brand before in the supermarkets, but never really bought any before so I decided to give these a go. The dark chocolate covered rice thins really are yum, and hit the spot with only a thin covering of that addictive sweet thing!


I’ve read so much about the health benefits of chia seeds and I’m really trying for a healthy diet this time, not just finding sneaky alternatives (though of course I can have a few). Not sure how to use these first – any ideas?


Love chick peas so I’m excited to give these a try!

Any healthy snack ideas?


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