Right, so May is gonna be my month. Like I said on my previous healthy food post April and beginning of May was tough what with so many occasions and so many meals out and bank holidays! But my birthday is 22nd June and I’d love to lose some more weight by then.

This week I introduced the chia seeds from my Holland and Barrett purchase into my porridge – I was weighing them to point them for Weight Watcher’s but they are so bloody light I can’t get the scales to move past 0g! For an idea of scale, this photo is an egg cup. To be honest, you can’t really taste them in porridge but they do profess a lot of health benefits so I was very intrigued.


This was leftover jackets from a BBQ we had, and I added two slices of Leerdammer Light cheese and some red onion for a 7 pp lunch. Very yummy!


Also left over from the BBQ was this savoury rice I made – shop bought packets can be so calorific but this was literally just rice, chicken stock, veggies, pineapple, paprika and a dash of seasoning and soy sauce. Easy for the diet and much better for you.


This really was something to write home about – I suppose you could call it my interpretation of poutine in a healthy way for my lunch! Again I used 4pp of jacket potatoes cut into wedges, added Jamaican jerk and olive oil spray, and one slice of leerdammer light, and added 1 slice of ham. Then I fried mushrooms, added 2 tablespoons of Elmlea cream, some pepper and half an oxo cube to create a creamy pepper sauce. Yummmmmmy! Only 7pp!


This was a delicious dinner too – 4pp of smoked cod with pepper and chilli, roasted sweet potato fries and various roasted veg! Yum.


Finally, I tried out a totally new recipe from a weight watcher’s book I picked up from an Oxfam book store for £1.99 – Spanish chorizo cod. This was amazing – apologies it’s not very pretty! Using red kidney beans meant that I could just use 20g of brown rice (2pp) as it was filling, and the taste really was delicious. I also wilted half a pack of spinach. I made two portions and I can’t wait to eat the other!



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