I’m really excited to be a part of Neat Festival’s blogging team! Let me tell you a little bit about the festival itself. Neat 2014, or Nottingham European Arts and Theatre Festival 2014 is a festival celebrating the arts, across all cultures and all across the city of Nottingham from 23rd May – 1st June. There’s art events, theatre, dance, spoken word to name but a few.

The breadth of events is really quite staggering – just have a glance at the lineup here and you’ll begin to see just how much is on. It’s difficult to appreciate that the event doesn’t run all year, but instead is just ten days of packed lineups.



There’s a few events I’m particularly excited about however. The Architect’s of Air’s Luminarium is something I am immensely looking forward to – I went last year, twice actually, once with my friends and again with my parents because I found the experience of being in a big pod of colour so captivating I had to go back and share it with them. If you don’t know what a luminarium is, you need to find out, and the best way to do that is first hand from 24th May – 1st June, 11am – 5.15pm at Lakeside Arts, Highfield Park.

I also can’t wait to see what The Drawing Board event is all about, on throughout the festival at 1pm, writer and theatre maker Michael Pinchbeck will be getting artists to write and writers to draw – now that’s an idea that appeals to me. And though I’m sure I have absolutely no idea what will go on, I think Dance 4’s What We Are Saying sounds like a really creative project on 29th May at 8pm.

Have a look at the events and see if there’s anything that catches your eye (frankly, if there isn’t, I’m not quite sure what it is you do want from an arts festival!) and if you’re local or can make it to Nottingham, it will definitely be worth your while!


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