I recently saw on a blog a post which talked about Kawaii Wonderland, a cute online shop which concentrates on Kawaii stationery and bits and bobs but is unfortunately shutting down for a while. Now it’s not very often I make such a split second decision to order, but I could resist bagging myself the last goodie bag. Here’s what I received:

Very cute and a bargain at a fiver – reminds me a lot of some of the bits available at ArtBox where I always pay a visit when I’m in London. Here’s a close up of my favourite bits.


This pen is so bloody cute! Ahhhh.


I still love stickers. I really do wish I could grow up and not get odd looks off my boyfriend and friends when I buy then in Paperchase, but I can’t. So be it. The writing paper is so lovely too!



Finally these donut notes are adorable. Good lord I died a little bit. Post it notes are my absolute weakness – maybe I’ll show you all one day…


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