Right guys, this week has been a good ‘en! Hope you’ve all managed to stay motivated. I have tried a few new recipes out which is always good, made a couple of batches of soup (which don’t appear here because they all seemed to look the same this week!) and hit the gym hard. I ate out once but for me, this lifestyle change has to be sustainable, and if I can’t go out for a burger for my housemate’s 21st, frankly there’s something wrong! Again, apologies some aren’t very pretty – I need food presentation lessons or something?!


This Moroccan chicken WW recipe was delicious – 13pp with brown rice. However, you added a total of 4pp of orange juice which really wasn’t worth it – I’d just use more stock next time as you couldn’t even taste it! Mango was a lovely addition though.


I baked a banana for afterwards with peanut butter and cocoa powder – yum! Again, not the prettiest but delish.


If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this amazing porridge. I used oat so simple as usual but added a sachet of Options white chocolate (1pp) and raspberries (0pp) for a total of 6pp. So satisfying!


Now I can, and quite often do, find lunch the most uninspiring meal. I never know what to have, and I’m not a massive sandwich fan. But this was actually really interesting and deceivingly spicy (due to the abundance of chilli I sprinkled on everything). I baked 4pp of sweet potato with red onions, jalepenos and green peppers, fried mushrooms, wilted spinach and teamed with 3pp worth of sliced turkey. A filling and healthy lunch for 7pp.


This Thai green curry was from marks and Spencer’s count on us jar range – added chicken, spring onions, mushrooms and peppers, with some lovely chilli on top and brown rice. 4pp for the sauce which is great considering there’s so much coconut milk in it.




And finally something I managed to squeeeeeeze into my points – a lovely BBQ in the sun! Included a venison burger, rocket, low fat cheese slices and wholemeal roll – never had venison before so that was a nice addition, and some pork and chicken too. Strawberries too and a cheeky couple of mini falafels. Delish!


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Healthy Food

  1. All sounds very yummy! I used to watch Master Chef religiously and there is clearly an art to food presentation which takes a bit of practice – the descriptions sell it though deffo! 🙂

    • I know I do love that programme but never really get the chance to follow it properly. I kind of feel there’s something lost with presenting it to myself but I do try to make sure it’s not just whacked on, haha!

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