I know a lot of people don’t like soup when the weather’s a bit warmer, but I find it aids my diet and helps me to use things up. I had a couple of potatoes growing new ones, and some onions at the tail end so decided to whack those in the soup maker. But as I was thinking what things I could add in my soup maker, I decided I’d try a bit of apple. The result was really quite lovely.

ingredients serves 4 (2pp per serving)
1 apple (peeled)
300g potatoes (peeled)
1/4 pepper (I used yellow)
1 clove of garlic
Dash of soy sauce
2 white onions
Sprinkle of paprika
Beef stock cube
Small crack of dried chilli
50ml white wine
750ml water
Small sprinkle of cinnamon


You might see in the background that there’s a red onion – I did consider a red onion but it wouldn’t fit! You could change it up if you want to though.


As always, I’m dictated by water lines in the soup maker so add less water if you like a thicker soup. It’s lovely and filling and great as either a starter or a low calorie lunch. And I really like the addition of apple because it adds depth and a unique flavour.

What do you think to fruit in a soup?



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