So guys, I have officially finished my degree – all I have to do now is wait. Yesterday I handed in my dissertation which felt at once a massive relief but also a bit anticlimactic. See, because of some really jammy time tabling of modules on my part (totally accidental I hasten to add), I had no exams and no hand ins after 13th apart from my dissertation, so I had a good week and a half to concentrate on polishing the final draft. I envisaged a semi-human figure emerging out of my room by the end of my degree, covered in novels and dirt, but it was nothing like!

Hope everyone who is still in the thick of it carries on ploughing through but still remembers that no one can work all the time! I saw an article yesterday on things girls need to remember (though a lot of them, guys should take heed of too) and one of them was that no one regrets not working harder on their deathbed, only not loving more, spending more time with the people they care about, pursuing their dreams. They were talking about career work, but the point still remains. To those who feel like essays and revision will never end, I speak from experience when I say they will! Perspective is a great thing.

Good luck everyone, now we play the waiting game!

And a cheeky dissertation selfie to finish



2 thoughts on “I’ve finished!

  1. Yup, yup- my last assignment is due next Friday and that’s it! That looks like a really interesting dissertation thesis too. Nice one!

    Results day is in July, isn’t it? ..I can’t remember :s

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