When it comes to food, we’re pretty outspoken. In fact, we all seem to know exactly what we like and what we don’t like. I think a great example of that is getting to uni – cook together with a few strangers, and you’ll realise just how much ‘the way my Mum does it’ influences your thinking, and just how many different ways of getting to the same end there really is. Here are a few I’m sure will never get resolved.


1. Jam or cream first on your scone.

Luckily, I’m writing this down, so you don’t have to debate if I say scone wrong either (incidentally, mine rhymes with stone). But I do maintain that if you’re gonna have both, the it should be the cream first. Like butter. Personally, I’d rather just have the jam, or a spread of butter if it’s dry, so I avoid the debate.

2. Fry the meat or the onion first

Do you whack the meat in the pan first, or do you gently fry those onions before anything else? Difficult one isn’t it – I’m a paranoid cook so my chicken or other meat tends to go in first to make sure it’s DEFINITELY done and I’m not gonna be poisoning anyone, but soft onions do have a genuine pull to them as well!

3. Low-carbs or not

Now this is controversial. My non-scientific, somewhat defeatist solution is everything in moderation, and while I try not to eat too much bread because it makes me feel bloated, I also always have carbs with my dinner too, because I’m frankly bloody starving if I don’t. Hats off to you guys who can hack low/no carbs – you’re stronger willed than me (and I’d hasten to guess, probably thinner too).


4. Pancake Toppings

Now if you’re British and not one of our American or Canadian friends across the pond, then you’re likely to only have pancakes a few times a year, if not only on pancake day. What is the ultimate topping for a pancake on said date? Prepare for a debate…Defenders of the sweet will say there’s something wrong about ham and cheese in your eggy delight, while savory championers will maintain that lashings of chocolate sauce is just as repulsive. Me? One of each please.

5.  Cutting an onion

Who knows how to cut an onion? Everyone? Well I’m sure there’s a few people who would argue you down. I went to a cooking class recently and changed the way I cut an onion simply because it’s easier, but many people maintain their way is the best. And don’t even get people started on remedies for crying!


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