Hello again! Hope you’ve all had a good week and not fallen off the wagon (though if you have, make today the day you get back up again! 😉 ). It’s weird because now I have officially never got to write another essay or sit another exam at uni.


This yummy item was a 13pp Homepride curry – I like to make curries from scratch or semi-scratch using a curry paste, but to be honest, sometimes it’s just a jar kind of day. I also had half the jar because I really do love my curries saucy, and I’m happy to point a little higher accordingly. I used white rice, again because I was feeling lazy and it cooked faster, chicken breast, mushrooms, peppers, onions, chillis and extra chillis and rocket on top! Oh and some soy sauce: delish.


Now you can tell I bought chillis this week! As an aside, when I’m not having porridge I am a massive advocate of chilli at breakfast. Love a sprinkle in my scrambled eggs, even better fresh – I think it generally perks up what can be a ‘samey’ quite prescriptive meal and also I’ve heard it speeds up your metabolism. Win win! 5pp for this chilli infused scrambled egg combo!


A summer salad for a salad hater like me – this was yum! tuna, rocket, chilli, peppers, melon, apple, raisins and a drizzle of balsamic added after this.


Everything looks so similar this week dammit! And also, when there’s only one of you I do struggle with using stuff up (and I HATE waste) so hence abundance of rocket and chilli at every meal! This was yum though and look at how much food I had for 14pp – chicken and chorizo risotto. A favourite of mine I must say.


So I finally got on the Quest Bar hype! I bought a single bar off eBay for a hefty £3.25 as I wanted to try it before buying a more cost effective 12 pack. And it was good! I baked mine, cut it into 6 (there’s one hiding and I have 2 to my housemates) and made mini cookies, and then dipped into a little egg cup full of Devon dream (that low cal custard alternative from Ambrosia). Recommend, but once you try you will get yourself an expensive addiction!


I had this delicious steak, sweet potato wedges, sweetcorn and peppercorn sauce to celebrate end of uni without totally going silly! I went totally silly with creamy cocktails instead, but the occasion warranted it 😉


This is a weight watcher’s recipe, a version of the chicken kiev. A bit of a faff but it is worth it to be honest, served with rosemary and garlic potatoes which were lovely!


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