The final short story I wrote for my creative writing module tasks – this one had to use all five senses and to merely describe a scene, so if you’re wondering why not a lot happens, then that’s why kiddos. It had to be a short piece on the strangest place we’ve ever visited. Here’s mine:

It’s funny how we normally think about places as having one function – we name our rooms based on the main thing we do in there. Of course, the living room might be considered a little more ambiguous. But when I visited the Coves del Drach, or Caves of the Dragon, in Majorca, I realised that not every place is so keen to fit into just one category.

We descended into the caves, pushing past tourists more eager than us to take under-exposed selfies with stalactites, with misty up-lighting that would never allow them to come out properly. Through twists and turns and fantastic underground water, you found yourself slowly making your way into the lowest of the low. I liked it, but a cave is a cave is a cave.

We involuntarily congregated at the bottom, a bemused hoard, to witness what we were vaguely told earlier would be a ‘show’. The noise died down, until only particularly obnoxious adults and screaming children remained and from a small rowing boat in the distant underground lake, came the most beautiful sound. Neon lights in a dark place isn’t unusual, but add in a smell of dank despair seeping out of every ancient rock, and you can understand where the incongruous feeling stems from. There’s a certain taste to caves, don’t you think? Dirty, like when you leave your food in the freezer too long, and it starts to taste like the inside of the machine itself.

I touched the wooden plank I was perched on and wondered if they’d ever get past health and safety in England to cram people in like sardines. Perhaps if they told them it was for in the name of high art: music. What music, I’m not sure – classical, I suppose, though that covers a multitude of sins. The orchestra exploited the echoes as they rowed down the river. The strangest thing: the light was too poor for me to take anything from experience other than these thoughts. Point your camera at the river, and the neon boat sets your LED screen on fire. All that’s left are the images a quick Google can provide.

(Featured Image from http://www.taylorwimpeyspain.com/blog/caves-of-drach-cuevas-del-drach)


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