I must admit in recent years I have become a porridge enthusiast! I never used to be a fan but now I really do see it as filling and a good aid to my weight loss. But I can get bored and so I need to constantly rethink ways I can make it interesting. Here are a few of mine.


Pomegranate seeds and Options Chocolate caramel hot chocolate


Raspberry and white chocolate options hot chocolate


Just plain cocoa powder


Banana, cinnamon and a drizzle of honey, with the tiniest bit of peanut butter (rest assured, were I not on a diet I would be scooping it in!)

Melon and raisins


Strawberries and cracked black pepper (if you haven’t tried that combo, do!)

Other ideas include seeds, nuts, sesame seeds for a savoury kick, jam, lemon curd, yoghurt, dried fruit and golden syrup if you want something a little naughtier! I unfortunately am a student, and as much as I’d LOVE all of the above in my cupboard there’s only one of me so I have to be selective! What’s your favourite topping?


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