Bank holiday once again reared its delightful head and after two meals out, two lots of drinks with friends and a packet of biscuits, it is safe to say I fell off track over the weekend! But I’m back, and here’s a few of the more saintly things I ate this week – in fact it ended up with me trying lots of new things this week so here’s how I got on…


I go in phases with crumpets but I’m loving them at the moment so it served the basis for this healthier fry up.


This vegetable stir fry was a low lunch option – 5pp including rice. Lots of veggies and a bit of soy sauce, Worcester sauce and sweet chilli, delish!


For those of you who have read my weekly healthy food posts before, you’ll know I’m a bit of a salad hater. However, I’m trying to slowly wean myself onto it in the form of rocket and baby leaf salads, and this quinoa, lentils, spelt, bean, roasted pepper and onion salad was actually really lovely! I used this ‘The Food Doctor’ packet which serves two, bought from T K Maxx for £1.99. I also added some ham. The whole salad was 6pp which I thought was pretty good for such a bowlful.



A while back now I bought a kit from Waitrose for a couple of quid to make Vietnamese Pho, and finally got some rump steak in and got round to making it. It was so delicious! I think you could easily do it without the kit as it only included noodles, hot sauce and spices. Funny story though, I had the second portion the next day by which time the noodles had absorbed all the soup and I was left with a dry mess to rehydrate!


Finally, I did some adventurous healthy baking. With this peanut butter blondie recipe there is no flour, no sugar and no eggs, and the secret ingredient to recreate that fluffy texture is actually chickpeas! You really can’t tell and they feel so naughty but they aren’t – even the sugar is replaced with honey. I guess if you’re into PB2 as well you could make these super low cal, but I prefer to feed my body the real stuff.

So lots of new things this week! What have you tried recently?


4 thoughts on “This Week’s Healthy Food – A Week of Firsts

    • Thank you! Ooh they sound amazing I’ll have a look – I’d probably leave the guac out too as I’m not a massive fan and whilst I know it’s good for you, it seems silly to put something with so many calories in if you’re not going to enjoy it! Thanks for reading.

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