On the way to my trip to Nottingham Contemporary I posted about the other day, I stumbled upon an adorable little shop called ‘Behind the Red Door’. I just couldn’t resist having a look, and it was so sweet and full of things I’d love to buy. I did make a couple of little purchases, and took a few photos because I think more people should know about such a cute shop!





I’m a sucker for cards so when I saw these, especially the one with the sausage dog on, I was tempted to buy just to display them.


Pop up cards



Now these mini jam jar candles really stole my heart and I had to take advantage of the 3 for £5 offer, taking home a raspberry moijito, Parma violet and bake well tart flavour mini.


Here they are in their less fancy home.



Finally, I bought my Nan this adorable egg cube complete with mini salt and pepper for her birthday. It isn’t until September but I felt it was one of those things you see and never see again, so I got it to put away for her – and she loves crosswords so I’m so excited to give her it.

Pop in to Behind the Red Door in Nottingham – it’s part of greeting card business Art File but has much more to offer than just cards! Find the red door at Weekday Cross, opposite Nottingham Contemporary.


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