Hello again! Here are a few things I ate this week… Apologies there are less than usual – I’ve been out and about so either not had chance to take photos or it hasn’t fitted the healthy food clause – I’ve still lost weight overall this week though!


Me and my friends tried a little vegetarian community cafe near us which we only just discovered existed. I had a mozzarella, tomato and pesto and house sauce panini and although it doesn’t look anything special, it was actually really delish and only £2.75. But my friend, Ella, had the Greek Mezze salad for just £4.95 and look how amazing hers looked!



An old favourite breakfast of toast and peanut butter with banana for 6pp, yum.


I bought this a while ago and it’s been sat in my cupboard, you know the drill, but I finally got round to using it. I only had chicken thighs in so I used those, added peppers and onions (though the packet doesn’t say to do that) and served with rice. This had a very smokey flavour and was quite pleasant, although I feel I could achieve the same with some smoked paprika and chopped tomatoes.


I also went to a cute little cafe near me called Toast – I had some sourdough toast with scrambled eggs, sausage with chorizo in and a mushroom and it was delicious – not exactly low calorie but not a full fried English either.


I also went to Newstead Abbey with a few of my friends for the afternoon which was absolutely lovely, and knowing there’d be a cafe where I’d want to buy everything yummy, I took my own lunch. This is tuna pasta with kerry lowlow reduced fat chilli cheese stirred through and it was delicious! We did however get chased away from our bench mid-lunch by this rather spirited peacock…




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